Spain is a country

Font MagicaThe Barcelona night life is highlighted by the Font style Magica, a glorious water fountain display that is illuminated as well as has songs accompanying it. The most effective time to see it goes to sundown or after dark when the lights actually are exciting. The Font Style Magica or Dance Water fountain was constructed for the Barcelona 1929-30 Globe Exposition which happened on Montjuick Hill in a park. The fountain fell into disrepair so was brought back for the 1992 Olympics. The water apparently dances to the songs! This is a program that is well worth seeing. It begins at the Travessera de Gracia and also ends at the Arc de Triomf. Arc de TriomfThere are 2 Arc de Triomf monoliths. One is in France and the various other in Barcelona. The Barcelona monolith was built especially for the 1888 Universal Exposition and is a large pillar standing solidly at the end (or beginning, depending where you’re originating from) of the Passeig de Sant Joan. A trip to Barcelona without checking out the Arc de Triomf or Typeface Magica would certainly be one where you were missing out on two of the best components of the city.