Icod de los vinos

OverviewThe community Icod de los Vinos is in the Santa Cruz district on the Tenerife Island in Spain. This town goes to an altitude of 235 M over sea level and its population has to do with 24500. This community is surrounded by a valley that is abundant and one can see Teide, the volcanic mountain and the dense want woodlands from the streets. The beginning for the name of this town is menceyato of Icoden and the well known neighborhood Spanish wine – vino. The conquerors of this town recognized that this region is abundant in addition to well irrigated and they started cultivating grape white wines and sugarcane. However, this has not been validated by any scientific research study. It is located near the San Marcos church. San Marcos Church – is located at the Lorenzo Cceres Plaza. Cave of the Wind – is acknowledged as the globe’s largest volcanic cavern and is 14 kilometres long. It has a lava tube with a number of entrances. Mojo Verde – is a sauce prepared from cilantro. Wrinkled potatoes – Potatoes are cooked in seawater and offered using their skins. The black selection is the best of the lot.